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Rillos Engineering has been supplying manufacturers with engineering services since 1996

We began by providing NC Part and Tooling programs for 5 axis mills, extrusion mills and high speed machining cells, using CATIA V4, NCL, Unigraphics and Vericut.

We purchased CATIA V5 in 2001, becoming one of the first V5 users in the Pacific Northwest. Within 6 months we were training engineers on how to use it. By 2003 we were training 20 designers a month, using two shifts, offering a 10 week intensive CATIA V5 course in Industrial Design, that was registered with the State of Washington

In 2004 we partnered with XDT Software to port many of our courses to a web based simulation format (, allowing us to train 1 or 1000 engineers a week.

2004 also saw the purchase of a DMI 5-axis router, allowing us to do design/build projects, Foam milling, Plastic milling, Wood milling and Composite and Honeycomb panel trimming.

Throughout the years, we have provided manufacturers with data translation services (STEP, IGES) to meet their CAD/CAM needs. In 2006, one of our customers was unable to view a 787 Model Based Definition (MBD) dataset, as no accompanying drawing was provided. We came up with a PDF based solution for viewing all the extracted manufacturing and inspection information.

We partnered with XDT Software to provide a web based engineering extraction service ( to enable customers to upload MBD datasets, have the data extracted, and present and host it in PDF format (3DXMD). The website also provides services for other derivative data (Flat Patterns, Assembly diagrams, Masking Diagrams, AS9102 Form 3 worksheets).

All that is required to use the service is web access and the free Adobe Reader. Most datasets can be viewed within 10 seconds. Customers can choose to upload 1 or 1000 datasets per week, using a pay as you go system with no up front costs to incur.

We are a dynamic and innovative company, and are looking forward to challanges from the future.

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