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747 Large Cargo Freighter (LCF)
NC Programming of 205 Skin Panels (UG)
NC Programming of 35 Floor Beams (UG)
Tool Design for 18 Transition Skin Inspection Eggcrate Fixtures (CATIA V5)

Cobra Helicopter Skin Panel Tooling
Tool Design of 50 Vacuum Mill Fixtures (VMF) to Hold Composite Skins (CATIA V5)
NC Programming of 50 VMFs (CATIA V4, V5 and UG)
Construction of 50 VMFs
NC Programming of 50 Composite Skins (CATIA V4, V5 and UG)

Global Hawk Tooling

Tool Design for all Layup Mandrels of Inbd and Outbd Ailerons (CATIA V5)
Tool Design for Bonding fixtures of Inbd and Outbd Ailerons (CATIA V5)

Wedgetail MBD - Drawing Data
Detail drawings made of CATIA V4 MBD ducting models for all Air Duct models

A380 Aft Cargo Heating Vent System Design

CATIA V4 modeling and drawings of Aft Cargo Heating system from Frontier models. Insulation Blanket modeling and Flat Pattern Development.


767 Wing Reverse Engineering

CATIA V5 CAD models created from PCM Mylar drawings.
Installations for Ribs 5 thru 36
Outbd Fixed Leading Edge components
Flight Control Components

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